Tuesday, 30 August 2016



Recently (since I started blogging again after a year of doing very interesting things) I've been stumbling upon articles about what you should have in your wardrobe, what essentials to get... But nothing really says ME, no matter how much I want it to. I kinda think the problem is, that I want something different that everyone else has, but at the same time I kinda want it to be exactly the same. Wait, it really make sense if you give me a second.

What I mean is, that I would like to own things that would look on me like as they look like on those Instagram photos I'm addicted to browsing. Simple, effortless, amazing... and here I am, trying to get into a pair of pants that magically shrunk overnight (they were perfectly fine when I wore them yesterday!). My clothes crinkle, fade, get dirty on my way to work, you know, all the things that actually happen to clothes in real life. The Instagram reality is tempting, but also super disappointing when you find out it's not reachable.

That's why I do not longer believe in lists of everything a girl should have in her wardrobe and things like that. It's ok for some people, but I just refuse. I can't be bothered to do make up most of the time (but I am crazy about creams, masks and making my skin healthier), I do not own an iron (and all of my clothes are bought because they do well without one), I wear things I want to wear, not things that I should wear because they are 'business casual' or whatever (like that actually means something).

I used to do business casual when I worked corporate. Really liked it even. Delicate tops, super cute trousers, matching jewellery, all that jazz. I had the weirdest reality check when I was asked to go to the HR office for a chat one day. Our HR lady was mean, fake, she hated everyone and couldn't care less about her job. Not someone you really want to have a chat with. I was super surprised that she wants to see me, but ok, why not, let's do it. When I got there she told me that 'people are talking' (wait, what people?) and 'people can see my bra under the tops that I am wearing' (wait...what people are looking at my bra again?) and that I have to wear different clothes from now on. Awesome.

That was the most awkward thing ever.

But ok, fair enough, maybe I didn't notice something, maybe it was too much, there was a lot of maybes. I went shopping for more coverage and decded to look for  different favourite store. Because you never know. Life happens.

A few days later when I walked into the office we had a meetng. A lovely short meeting where my HR lady was wearing the exact same top I was wearing last time. The 'People Can See Your Bra' Top. The top that I just bought and had to stash at the bottom of my wardrobe because it wasn't suitable for the office. Joy, oh joy, the HR lady was shopping at my favourite store. And apparently she banned me from wearing clothes that she wanted to buy fo herself. I was seriously not amused.

So I decided not to give a fuck and I started wearing more and more of whatever I wanted. Because after the we can see your bra affair (I am totally going to call it that, it was stupid as hell) I couldn't care less. I transitioned into wearing leggings to work - best decision ever and you can actually get super cute ones if you look online. Then came loose chiffon tops and I started loving comfort instead of fake corporate style. I ditched make up sometime along the way and I gained extra time in the morning to exercise. On the plus side: I don't have to ever hand wash anything ever again. I kinda buy whatever is easy to wear. I don't need to think if my outfit is perfect enough for everyone - it's ok for me, so it will do well. I kinda love it. Life is good.

And next time that someone will tell me that something I'm wearing is problematic I will tell them not to look at me. Because seriously.

I really wish that no matter what you wear, you will feel that it's good enough for you. And that is all that matters!

Have fun!

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