Friday, 21 August 2015


Have you ever thought about that? I don't mean why do you work in general – that's easy, everyone works either for money, cause or pleasure (yes, there are people like that, they just scored amazing jobs that they absolutely love, lucky bastards).

What I really want to know is: Why did you end up in this particular company on this very position? Not how (that is also easy, you applied or was headhunted and you had a super successful job interview, congrats by the way), but why.

Did you accept this job because you liked what the recruiter told you about the company, because the salary and benefits were great, because that was the only offer you had at a time? 

During my career coaching years, I asked those questions hundreds of times to different people from mix of industries. Most of them ended up in the job because they wanted to get more money, a promotion or a new title. Also, most of them still worked their jobs after long years because it was easy.

Waking up, getting dressed, driving to work routine is comfy, it is safe. Every day flows in a similar way and then you get to go home and get paid by the end of the month. Simple bliss.

If you had a chance to work anywhere else – would you go for it? 

Not just anywhere else. In a place that would challenge you. Make you learn new things. Where you would be respected for the work that you put in the company. Demanding, exciting, scary as hell place.

Don't get me wrong though - having a nice 9 to 5 job can be amazing at times...but do you wake up, get dressed and go to work because you REALLY, REALLY WANT TO? Because if that is not the case, I can tell you right now, that sooner or later you will wake up with a pressing need of a change in your life.

But on the other hand – if you know exactly why do you work somewhere, love it, enjoy your days at the office – that is amazing! Keep it up! And tell me how did you find that job and what makes it special for you. Those stories are the best ones and you should share the magic. Maybe someone else will be able to do get a deep breath, summon some courage and get into career that is good not only because it's easy, but because it rocks!

Do you know exactly why do you work for your company? What is amazing about it? What makes you happy when you are in the office? Share and tell me in the comments!

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Have fun!

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